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    Welcome to the Benton County Snowmobile Club.

    The mission of the Benton County Snowmobile Club is to groom and maintain safe trails within the county for all snowmobilers to use and enjoy, to promote comradery among our fellow snowmobilers, to perpetuate our sport through youth training and to promote and maintain goodwill with the landowners that allow us to cross their lands.


    The club has decided that with only two weeks of the season left, and with the Tucker groomer having two bad tracks we will not be grooming any more this season. Our new tracks finally came in after 11 months of waiting but have not yet been delivered. Our dedicated groomer operators spent many hours  doing an awesome job on our trails. This doesn't include the many gallons of diesel fuel the club burned keeping our groomers running. Overall we had a decent season even with the several thaws that occurred. With that being said, we still have many riders enjoying our trails that are not members of our club. Why not? Please consider joining and perhaps maybe even learn how to operate our groomers, or lend a hand maintaining our trails. Please join us on April 22nd (see below) and perhaps join the club at that time. See you there!

    Remember, and this is very important. STAY ON THE TRAILS! ALL IT TAKES IS ONE OR TWO BAD SEEDS TO RUIN IT FOR ALL OF US. TRESPASSING ISSUES WILL BE TURNED OVER TO THE BENTON COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT! Per MN Statue 84.775: First offense is now $250 second offense $500 and subsequent offenses are $1000. STAY ON THE TRAILS! This issue is not limited to our trails. Trespassing has become a state wide problem! STAY ON THE TRAILS OR WE COULD LOSE THEM!

    The next meeting of the BCSC will be held on Tuesday, April 11th, at the East Side VFW Post 4847 located at 104 Franklin Ave NE in St. Cloud. Social begins at 6:00pm meeting at 7:00pm.

    On Saturday April 22nd, The club will be having our annual trail tear down party at the groomer shed in Gilman, MN. Social hour will begin at 4:30pm with a potluck meal at 5:30pm. Come join us, meet some new friends and talk about how your snowmobiling went this season. See you there!

    On March 2-5, several members of our club trailered to Orr, MN. Four of our most dedicated members actually rode their sleds from Rice 311 miles to Orr. One of the die hards had an important obligation on Sunday and was unable to ride home. The other three members chocked up a total of 885 miles for the whole weekend. WOW!

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